May 20-21 – Peachland and Kelowna

May 20-21 - Peachland and Kelowna Kendra, Shawn and I flew out to Kelowna from Calgary bright and early on Saturday morning. We went to Kelowna to celebrate Grandpa's 90th Birthday! Even though Shawn and I flew out last September, I rarely have the luxury of flying to such close destinations and it was so... Continue Reading →

Spokane, Easter, 2017

Spokane, Easter, 2017 I grew up going to Spokane, Washington. Many people think that it is a funny place to go to for family holidays, however, for me, it holds great memories. It is about an eight-hour drive from Calgary. A long ways to go for a normal weekend, but perfect for a long weekend... Continue Reading →

December 29 – Lucerne

December 29 - Lucerne Before bed last night we decided since we have 2 extra days on our Eurorail pass that we should head off to Lucerne for the day. It was a quick train ride from Zurich down to Lucerne - Just under an hour. I think I had been there before when I... Continue Reading →

December 27 – Sondersdorf

December 27 - Sondersdorf It was actually the fist sunny day we had since leaving Canada today. It was amazing. I was really missing the sun. I guess we had 1/2 a day of sun in Frankfurt, but today was splendid. After a fantastic breakfast of pain au chocolate, Mme. S, Shawn and I went... Continue Reading →

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