May 20-21 – Peachland and Kelowna

May 20-21 - Peachland and Kelowna Kendra, Shawn and I flew out to Kelowna from Calgary bright and early on Saturday morning. We went to Kelowna to celebrate Grandpa's 90th Birthday! Even though Shawn and I flew out last September, I rarely have the luxury of flying to such close destinations and it was so... Continue Reading →

Spokane, Easter, 2017

Spokane, Easter, 2017 I grew up going to Spokane, Washington. Many people think that it is a funny place to go to for family holidays, however, for me, it holds great memories. It is about an eight-hour drive from Calgary. A long ways to go for a normal weekend, but perfect for a long weekend... Continue Reading →

December 29 – Lucerne

December 29 - Lucerne Before bed last night we decided since we have 2 extra days on our Eurorail pass that we should head off to Lucerne for the day. It was a quick train ride from Zurich down to Lucerne - Just under an hour. I think I had been there before when I... Continue Reading →

Dec 21 – Heidelberg

  We woke up early enough this morning to shower and have a great breakfast on the ship this morning. It was nice and we were all impressed with the portion sizes. Much more reasonable than some cruises which is's way too easy to stuff yourself on here! We were all set to leave... Continue Reading →

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