Travel Back Thursday – Home

Growing up we would cycle around the reservoir all of the time. Even now I am pretty sure my mom goes around the reservoir almost daily in the summer. Because Heritage Park is along the pathway, when we were younger, my sister and I with our friends from up the street, would jump on our... Continue Reading →

Travel Back Thursday – Beauty

I cherish “sensurround” moments. When I have the chance to hear, smell, see and experience where I am at a specific moment, it is truly perfect!  While I am enjoying the views of Paris and the church bells are ringing and a musician is playing right at noon in front of Sacré Coeur, that is... Continue Reading →

Travel Back Thursday – Huge

July Long weekend 2014 we were able to attend a wedding at Norquay. The location was amazing and it made the weekend into a great little trip. Shawn and I like camping and were definitely not interested in staying in a fancy hotel for the nights before and after the wedding. Since it was a... Continue Reading →

Travel Back Thursday – Fragile

We stopped at the 300-person town of Vik to have an ice cream cone and to wander on the top-10 beach! It wasn’t quite sun tanning weather, but I did take my hat off during the walk! 😉 More driving brought us to a town called Foss…or waterfall…which was quite fitting because of the number... Continue Reading →

Travel Back Thursday – Understanding

The mosque in Abu Dhabi is huge. It can hold 40 000 worshipers at one time!! It is the eighth largest in the world. The building itself has 80 domes inspired from Indian architecture. Over 1000 pillars that are decorated with semi-precious stone inlays, and 24 carat tips that are covered with Italian glass for... Continue Reading →

Travel Back Thursday -Skill

As we were walking around in Rome, we stumbled upon this cute little craft booth. They were taking foreign coins and cutting around them with a small jewelry saw to isolate the picture in the coin.  I have always thought this was cool. They were so excited to learn we were from Canada. Isn’t great... Continue Reading →

Travel Back Thursday – Pride

On safari, we were always on the look out for lions. Normally you could follow the dust of other vehicles that were racing around to get to see these powerful creatures in order to get there in time to see them. This pride of lionesses marched across the road in front of us just before... Continue Reading →

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