Travel Back Thursday – Home

Growing up we would cycle around the reservoir all of the time. Even now I am pretty sure my mom goes around the reservoir almost daily in the summer. Because Heritage Park is along the pathway, when we were younger, my sister and I with our friends from up the street, would jump on our... Continue Reading →

Travel Back Thursday – Amazement

My dad, Ross, and I both scuba dive. The problem with living in Alberta is that there is a severe lack of warm water to scuba dive in (I do not think that Lake Minnewanka counts). I did my certification off the coast of Sidney, Vancouver Island, and I don’t think the ocean was much... Continue Reading →

Travel Back Thursday – Enormity

I think my favourite site to visit is Notre Dame. I am not especially religious; however, it is so impressive. Once, when I was visiting Sophie, there was an acapella concert that we attended inside Notre Dame. I was still a student, so it was maybe E10 each. It was an amazing sound from the... Continue Reading →

In like a Lion…

I can’t believe it is March already!  And despite it being a relatively nice weekend weather-wise, I think that today perhaps qualifies as a “Lion” day, so maybe the weather will continually improve throughout the month and it will actually be spring. It is funny that now that I am in Calgary I want more... Continue Reading →

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