December 26 – Train

December 26 - Train Today was not that exciting, really. We woke up a bit earlier than normal so that we could make sure all was packed and organized and ready to get off the boat by 8am. We had some breakfast and my last cup of hot chocolate before we dragged our suitcases off... Continue Reading →

December 24 – Bamberg

December 24 - Bamberg Today was kind of a funny touring day because it is December 24th. Germans do a lot of their main Christmas celebration in the afternoon and evening of the 24th, so the cruise company had to move things around so we could get the maximum out of our trip! I was... Continue Reading →

December 22 – Wertheim

December 22 - Wertheim We "sailed" all night and were docked just outside Wertheim when we woke up at 7am. Even though we planned to eat all together at 8 am, we were almost done by 8:15 as we all got there early. Because of that we decided to leave the ship early and go... Continue Reading →

Dec 21 – Heidelberg

  We woke up early enough this morning to shower and have a great breakfast on the ship this morning. It was nice and we were all impressed with the portion sizes. Much more reasonable than some cruises which is's way too easy to stuff yourself on here! We were all set to leave... Continue Reading →

Friday, August 14

We woke up before the alarm this morning. I don’t sleep well knowing a train depends on me walking up to my little watch alarm! Oh well, it gave us more time to get organized. It is kind of a weird feeling getting up watching 68 other people sleeping in their beds! And it is... Continue Reading →

Thursday, August 13

I had such a great sleep last night! There was some noise, but because there was a general noise it kind of drowned out everything else. I think it also helped that I could breathe almost normally again.The included breakfast was good too...nothing to write home about, but it was pretty good, none the less!... Continue Reading →

Wednesday, August 12

We woke up this morning at 5:30am because we were walking to the train station and our train was supposed to leave at 7am. It was hard trying to be super quite at that time because in these small flats there are doors everywhere, it seems! In any case, I think we did a good... Continue Reading →

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