December 27 – Sondersdorf

December 27 - Sondersdorf It was actually the fist sunny day we had since leaving Canada today. It was amazing. I was really missing the sun. I guess we had 1/2 a day of sun in Frankfurt, but today was splendid. After a fantastic breakfast of pain au chocolate, Mme. S, Shawn and I went... Continue Reading →

December 26 – Train

December 26 - Train Today was not that exciting, really. We woke up a bit earlier than normal so that we could make sure all was packed and organized and ready to get off the boat by 8am. We had some breakfast and my last cup of hot chocolate before we dragged our suitcases off... Continue Reading →

Saturday, October 11, 2014

It was our last morning in Angé.  It was the most beautiful day of the week!  Go figure.  It took us a while to pack.  We bought a lot of stuff.  And we still have quite a bit of food.  Trying to pack all that stuff in our little backpacks is always a challenge at... Continue Reading →

Friday, October 10, 2014

This morning we were up and mobilized at a much more reasonable hour.  Not compared to when I am actually working and being productive at home – but better compared to the last week here!! We hopped on our bikes and rode down into Montrichard so that we could take the train into Tours.  There... Continue Reading →

Thursday, October 9, 2014

We ended up not going into Tours today.  We kind of had another chill day around the local area.  When we finally made it out of our little house, we walked down to the bakery.  I totally complemented the owner on the quality of her “religeuses” as they are definitely the best I have ever... Continue Reading →

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We did not sleep in quite as much today as we did yesterday – I think we may be almost caught up on sleep from the traveling and everything.  It was a lighter looking sky today, so we decided to take the sketchy looking bikes and cycle the 20ish kilometers to Chateau Chenonceau.  The bikes... Continue Reading →

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