Allison and Shawn are just two nerdy people who like to travel and be active around Calgary as well as Alberta. They figure that even if they get up to cool things around their local city of Calgary it can be considered traveling!

Shawn is a engineer. And is usually right about most stuff. He is way more nerdy than Allison but does not hold that against her. His exercise regime is regimented and in depth including such as activities as squats, playing video games on the couch, and eating Doritos. He is a faster runner then Allison and totally reminds her of that.

Talents: Being right about useless things.
Weakness: Being right about important things, and pain.

Allison is not an engineer. Not being an engineer has not stopped her from thinking she is usually more right then Shawn. She is way more active than Shawn and normally motivates him to get out and about. Her exercise regime is actually regimented, planned, and enforced. Allison does her best to remind Shawn that his regime should be too. Ohhh and she is a slower runner than Shawn. However, she has endurance and would likely outlast him in a distance race. Allison does her best to remind Shawn of that. Shawn likes to remind her that he would likely be the first to escape a bear attack.

Talents: All around awesome.
Weaknesses: Shawn (he is adorable), hills, and bear attacks.

Shawn & Allison are married and currently like each other.
Current relationship status: Happily married.

*Note: Shawn may have written this page.