Thursday, June 1 – Furnas, Povoacao, Faial da Terra

It was sadly raining a lot when we awoke this morning. A lot. The birds were singing and loving it. I, however, was not. I want spectacular pictures of the amazing views, not masked and clouded green mountains! Uggg.

But it sometimes is good for me to have forced relaxation…so here it is. Weather induced relaxation time!

We had a great breakfast (included in the hotel). We then decided to bare the rain and head out in the car for a couple of the closest towns to the southeast. We drove up to get out of the valley in which Furnas is located so that I could get some great pictures of the town and the valley from up high…but it was all socked in with clouds, so there wasn’t much hope.

We then drove all the way down the windy road lined with ferns and lush trees and flowers. We reached the town of Povoacao and parked at the ocean front no problem…no one else was silly enough to go out and tour around in the rain. We walked down the small port and docks and then up through the centre of the small town. There wasn’t too much to see and not many shops to stop in.

I noticed a monkey in a cage and started taking pictures until I realized it was the local zoo! We walked into the garden zoo and saw many caged pigeons, some tropical birds, two sad looking monkeys hiding under their rock outcroppings from the rain, and a peacock. There was even a fountain type thing with many little turtles attempting to sun themselves…as their pond filled up even more as the rain came down. We were totally drenched by this time, so we decided to head back to the car and try visiting another little town that is supposed to have a lovely waterfall.

We went a bit further east until we hit Faial da Terra…and the town was so small and it was so rainy out that we decided not to even get out of the car! Horrible, I know. But there was not much to seen when it was so foggy and so rainy. Instead, we ate our snack in the car – left overs from yesterday’s amazing cheese and bacon sandwich and a can of passion-fruit Fanta I found in the store! It was great!

Thankfully we decided to head back when we did because it was even foggier heading back up the mountain than when we descended. Full on headlights and more limited visibility than we really needed on these twisty and turny roads!

By the time we got back to Furnas it had more or less stopped raining. Of course. It still was misting and crazy foggy out, but it wasn’t pouring down any more. I had a nice nap listening to the sounds of the birds from the wide open window before having a nice afternoon glass or two of the great red wine we bought in the supermarket on the way home.

Since there wasn’t much else to do we headed back to the hot springs. It was really busy. I guess everyone had the same idea of hitting the hot pools because it was cool and rainy out. We went in the standing up hot spring for the longest and took a bunch of pictures. It is really such a cool area. A bit too touristy, but seriously awesome. I could totally enjoy having a natural hot pool basically outside of my door!

Funny enough, it is our 1year wedding anniversary today! Nothing crazy planned, but we were going to eat out for dinner…of course! We have basically been doing that for the last two weeks! We walked around town and really couldn’t find anywhere super nice to eat out! The restaurants were mainly pub food or in the hotel where we ate last night. So we went to one little pub place and found a spot on the covered patio…and ordered soup, hot chocolate, and a meat-fries plate thing to share! Our whole meal ended up costing 14 Euros. We are such big spenders!!

I am hoping that tomorrow the weather improves because I know there are some amazing sites, lakes, and scenery to take in and I want pictures!



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