Thursday, May 25 – Cabo S. Vincent to Vila do Bispo

It was nice to wake up this morning knowing that it was not a travel day!! We have had so many of those in a row, that it felt odd not to be running to catch a bus or a train or a plane! Even then, we didn’t have a tonne of time to get breakfast and get out the door.

Breakfast was, again, a wonderful thing! A huge spread including scrambled eggs, toast, croissants, musli, etc. It was awesome. I am not normally a big breakfast fan, but when I know that it is included in the hotel price and that we are going to be only able to eat what we carry for lunch, it is a great thing!!

We managed to leave the hotel in time to go down to the ocean and the cliffs to take some slightly foggy morning pictures of the fort and the surfers. Lots of surfing hostels and lessons here! It is fun.

We sat at the bus station for quite a while before a couple from France came into the bus shelter with us. They were headed to Cabo S. Vincent to visit the lighthouse as well as an art museum that is located there. We chatted a bit about France and the U.S.. It was interesting and I always jump at a chance to speak in French. Their English was fine, but it was more fun for me to do the French thing for a bit.

After waiting about 15 minutes past the dedicated bus time of 11:15, we decided to summon a taxi and all chip in. It wasn’t far to the Cape and the starting point of the Historical Way that we are doing this trip! I don’t know why we didn’t just decide to take a taxi much earlier in the day. Oh well, better late than never.

We found the trail along the paved highway without too many issues (Yep – we did walk along the amazing cliffs for a while first before realizing that this was definitely not the trail!). We started on the Historical trail for a bit before branching off to the Fisherman’s Way to walk the part of the trail closer to the water.

The views were spectacular. Immensely high cliffs with crashing ocean below. There was only scrub bushes and flowers up where we were walking as the wind was constantly blowing. I did get a bit frustrated by the wind after a few kilometres, but I have never been great at dealing with wind. I guess it was a good thing I wasn’t on a bike. I would probably have stopped moving all together.

The trail eventually rejoined back into the Historical Way trail and we continued North along the sandy road for about 8 km more before reaching Vila do Bispo. It was hot and windy and we were definitely ready to call it a day.

The only problem was that we did not have a hotel room. So we found the centre of town and asked at a hotel. No room. Asked at another hotel. No room. At another hotel. No room. At the hostel. No room. Sooo…yeah. We hopped back on the bus to Sagres. We dragged our feet getting to the same hotel as last night. Only to find out that they too had no room! Uggg. Not what you want after walking over 15km.

Thankfully, finally, the hotel across from the Casa Azul had a room available so we took it – no questions asked. It does not have breakfast, but it doesn’t really matter as we will be getting up early tomorrow and heading out via bus or taxi to where we left off today – to Vila do Bispo so that we can start our hike earlier than we did today.

And, after losing out on accommodation, we have now made reservations along the trail for the next 3 nights so that we don’t run into this issue again.

We walked down to the other side of town for dinner. But I needed to stop to look at bandannas for my leg. As you may know, I am still healing from my crazy graft from last July. Well, I was a good girl and wore my $1500 knee brace all day today. My knee didn’t hurt at all, so that was a good thing. But the plastic basically ate my flesh! So I needed something to cover my skin so that I could keep walking tomorrow. Thankfully, I found a sweet cheetah print buff in a horrible touristic shop and it will work perfectly to cover my leg and keep my skin in tact as we continue on our hike.

We then found the marina and a really fancy hotel with a pool that looks down onto the marina and the cove there. Dinner was not that fancy, but it had a great view and some amazing sangria! 🙂 I had swordfish for dinner and, sangria or not, it was the best fish I have ever eaten. Ever.

All in all, despite not having the bus when we needed it and having the bus when we would have rather had a hotel, it was a really good day! I hope my feet and slightly burnt shoulders hold up for the 22km planned for tomorrow!

Good Night!


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