May 20-21 – Peachland and Kelowna

May 20-21 – Peachland and Kelowna

Kendra, Shawn and I flew out to Kelowna from Calgary bright and early on Saturday morning. We went to Kelowna to celebrate Grandpa’s 90th Birthday!

Even though Shawn and I flew out last September, I rarely have the luxury of flying to such close destinations and it was so refreshing to basically get on the plane and two seconds later get off the plane again! It was great.

We rented a car through Costco, which has great rates, and picked it up with no issues right at the airport before we headed out to Peachland. It was already so hot out at only 8:30 am in the morning. Impressive.

We arrived at the Okanagan Oasis B and B in Peachland where my parents were staying with a couple of other friends just as they were finishing their breakfasts. I haven’t met up with my parents on holidays for a number of years now, but it is fun to be able to connect in a place that is not home. We used to do it often when I was living in Edmonton, because clearly we weren’t leaving from the same place, but now it doesn’t happen as often.

We decided to head off to visit the Thornhaven Winery. It was only about a 20 minute drive away from the B and B into Summerland, which was great because all three of us were crammed into the back seat of mom and dad’s car this time. Shawn’s brother was really good friends with the son of the owner, which is why we decided to hit up this specific winery during our limited time here. It was great, however, as they had some of their 2014 wines on sale and their tasting was really comprehensive…ie lots of free wine!

After we bought half a case, we actually opened one of the bottles and with our packed lunch brought by mom from the B and B, sat on their patio and enjoyed the wonderful weather and great wine.

Before heading back to the pool we went to a silversmith shop called the DeLong Studio. It is a shop outside of the couple’s house and is lovely work including lots of rocks and geodes. I used to love rock collecting when I was little, so I easily fell in love with this cool little geode earring set. Shawn had his wallet – I learned a while ago it works better if I don’t carry mine! šŸ˜‰

The pool was beautiful, but too short, as we only had a couple of hours before heading into Kelowna to meet up with my Grandpa and Nana for birthday celebrations! They are in a condo-like setting now, which is nice because they don’t have to worry about as much cooking or cleaning as they used to in their house – which was across the street until they sold last year!

We went to a great restaurant called Basel and Mint located in the mission area, close to the water. They had a large menue and great food. They even let us bring in our own cake, which we ordered from a bakery. (It was incredible!)

Back at the B and B we enjoyed a hot tub while listening to the frogs go crazy in the pond below. It was spectacular and so relaxing.

On Sunday, we were treated to a wonderful breakfast including breakfast bruschetta and a rolled egg omelet. It was amazing. Of course the wonderful temperatures and spectacular views didn’t hurt either!

Mom and Dad headed out because they were driving to Victoria, where as us kids had the whole day to relax in Kelowna before our flight at 8pm. We killed an hour or so at the pool until our check out time at 11am. Then we drove into downtown and found a park where we suntanned and watched the birds coming and going for another couple of hours. Thankfully we had the foresight to stop and buy sunscreen because it was hot out and we reapplied every 15 minutes or so!

By 2pm we had had enough of the sun and decided to drive to Scandia Mini Golf for a round. I love that mini golf course as it is diverse and interesting. I remember it from the few times I visited Nana and Grandpa as a kid and we played there. Of course, being outside in the sun makes it more enjoyable as well. It was packed so the course took us a good two hours to get through, which was great.

Despite all of our awesome activities of the day, we still had over four hours before our flight was going to depart back to Calgary, so we headed to Joey’s and found an amazing spot on their beautiful patio. The outdoor area made all of Calgary’s patios look lame. I guess summer is a good 6 months compared to Calgary’s almost 3.5 months, so it makes sense. We had a great server who understood we were killing time and was great at brining us drinks and leaving us alone! A good combo. It was a lovely end to the day. And was topped off by a walk to the Mission Creek Regional Park for a quick walk along the river before finally heading back to the airport to go home.

I can’t quite believe everything we fit into two days! We did so much that it really did feel like a full holiday in only two days. I think that we will have to do that again as it was so low stress and required no planning at all, really.

Until next time!


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