December 31 – Zurich and New Years Eve

December 31 – Zurich and New Years Eve

We slept in today. It was kind of nice for a change. When we went out, we hit up the grocery store where we found some great chocolates that were on sale last night and then discovered that they were amazing!! So we had to pick up a few more packages this morning! It was awesome. But the best part was going into the awesome outdoor store. It was bad news because there were some great deals!
After trying to check in for our flight tomorrow we headed back to the awesome outdoor store as it was right by our hotel. I think we spent about an hour there because they had an amazing deal on cycling shoes and sandals. We ended up spending not even $150 Canadian and bought 2 pairs of cycling shoes, a pair of Keen sandals, a super dog harnesses, and a backpacking camera case. And the great thing was that it all fit in our suitcases. Yeah!
Soooo…after our crazy shopping expedition we walked downtown to explore the old town and to see what the plan was for New Years. Zurich does New Years Eve in a big way. Down by the lake there were many tents and booths set up where they were making tonnes of international foods and Gluhwine and champaign. We walked around and checked out all the stands before heading back to walk through the old town and check out the little shops. It was a bit colder than it had been in Switzerland thus far, so it was nice t have places to stop into.
We didn’t really have a destination in mind, so we simply strolled through the streets, looked at the many churches and paintings, and beautiful Christmas windows. It was a nice way to spend our last day on holidays.
By the time we got back to our hotel we were both pretty cold and our feet were tired. We have definitely done quite a bit of walking over the last week of holidays. I am not sure if our walking out-caloried our food consumption, however! Looking forward to getting back to the pool and the gym this week!
We decided that we didn’t really need to join the craziness of New Years Eve as we are not really NYE people normally. Instead, we made some homemade Gluhwine and cooked up some fondue in a box for dinner. We put on a few episodes of How I met Your Mother and totally stuffed ourselves silly eating cheese and bread and sausage. It was a pretty good NYE in Zurich. And by the time we went to bed just before 11 I think we were both okay with not hitting up the crazy busy, freezing cold party downtown!
Off to the plane and back home tomorrow!

What a great holiday. Happy 2017!


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