December 28 – Sondersdorf to Zurich

December 28 – Sondersdorf to Zurich

We had a quick breakfast before Sophie and Dani drove us to the Saint Louis train station. It was sad to go, but I am glad I had the chance to visit and see everyone again.
Eight minutes after getting on the train in Saint Louis, we got off in Basel. Lol. Super short train ride to cross boarders into Switzerland from France.
We had a really nice and quiet train ride from Basel to Zurich. It was beautiful ride with gorgeous hilly towns. And it was pretty close together, which as nice after all of our crazy connections across Germany the other day.
Finding our hotel was so easy. I was really impressed. I booked online this place called Swiss Star Apartments with the idea it was close to the old town as well as to the train station. Sure enough, it was maybe a 15 minute walk from the train to the hotel. It is more like an apartment than a hotel. So we entered a code from our booking reservation into a lock box at the front door and the machine spat out a digital key fob. We clicked it to the main door and it opened. Took the elevator up to floor number 1 and the same fob opened up our room. I was super impressed with how well it worked!
Switzerland hotels are super expensive, but considering this one is like an apartment, it was a really good deal. It was just over $100/ night for 4 nights. It is maybe 200 square feet (so like super small!) but has a double bed, fridge, microwave, stove top, kettle, dishes, eating table, and a bathroom with shower. So it pretty much is an apartment. It was nice to be able to have some tea before we set out to explore the old town, which is pretty close, this afternoon.
It is the time for the sales in the stores right now. It was absolute craziness in the downtown shopping area today. We walked perpendicular to the train station to hit up the main retail area and I could not believe the crowds. People were practically pushing others out of the way to get a spot inside stores. It was bizarre. We enjoyed the people watching and went in to quite a few stores to look and see what all the fuss was about. Lots of good discounts…on crazy original prices! The only thing we ended up buying was a small package of chocolate from a local company call Läderach. It is supposedly better and more locally handcrafted than Lindt. The price for the little bag of chocolate was absurd. But it was good chocolate.
It was overwhelming the crazy amount of insane shopping people…so we ran out of energy and decided to stop at a grocery store to find groceries for the next couple of days. We visited the Coop and stocked up on supplies. It was a fun visit. We found some cook at home fondue that we are planning to have for New Year’s Eve. We also found some great salad, cheese, bread, and other great dinner and lunch items. Yippee.
We made our way back to our little place and made some awesome home made Gluhwine! We had some old white wine left over from the ship and Shawn mixed it with a package of hot apple cider and it was amazing! We had a little picnic in our awesome little room, watched a couple of shows…before Shawn flooded the entire place when he had a shower! I was busy and didn’t notice the water seeping out from under the door. So it was a little surprising when I went to step onto the floor! Oops. Thankfully the entire floor was all tile and mopping up took no time at all. It made for an interesting evening!

We’ll see what happens tomorrow!


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