December 25 – Christmas and Nuremberg

December 25 – Christmas and Nuremberg

Merry Christmas! Shawn and I managed to sleep in a bit longer than normal as we were sailing this morning, so there was no rush to get up. We got all ready and unburied the little presents we brought with us before meeting mom and dad up in the dining room. Now that I bought 5 Euro slippers I pretty much treat the ship like my house and walk everywhere in slippers. It’s great.
Mom brought little stockings for us as well, so we did have some little presents like photocopies of what bigger items are at home and little expandable face clothes to open at het table. It was fun and took much less time than our normal Christmas mornings take! It was lovely.
There was definitely too much food today as there was not much happening in the morning between breakfast and lunch. We did learn about the lock system and the Main-Danube rivers while playing Trivial Pursuit, which was nice.
We arrived in a really dreary Nuremberg around 1:30 and started our bus tour. Because it was the 25th, not much was happening and nothing was open. It did make for good pictures, however because it was so quiet.
Sadly, we started at the Zeppelin fields where the Nazis marched and hundreds of thousands of people listened to Hitler talk. We walked up on the stands where Hitler stood. Now in the field where the rallies used to take place there is a soccer field and a car racing strip.
Because it was such a dreary day, the WWII sites were even more depressing than normal. We visited the courthouse where they held the Nuremberg Trials. The courthouse was still standing after the war, which is why it was used. And it is still used as a courthouse today. I found it interesting that after the main Nazis were sentenced and killed, they were also cremated. Their ashes were sprinkled in a river so that new-nazis would never have a place to pilgrimage.
The old city was very well reconstructed after the was and is very beautiful. It was so dreary out today that it was already dusk when our tour made its way into the old city. There is a beautiful castle that has numerous residences and a hostel inside of it and with the evening light was especially beautiful with a Christmas tree near the top as well. We walked back down from the castle hill through a few of the old streets and to the centre where the closed Christmas market was located. It was sad that we weren’t able to visit the Christmas market here as it is one of the biggest and best known in Germany. There was, however, one Gluhwine stand open today, so Shawn and I were able to have one last fix and get yet another beautiful mug. Yeah!
We were bussed back to the boat so that it could keep sailing en route to Nuremberg where will get off the boat tomorrow morning. Tonight we got ready and had a nice little happy hour in mom and dads room before heading back up to the dining room for our last dinner. It was lovely but it will be nice to stop drinking so much once we rejoin the normal world.
And we were so lucky because all of my shopping fit into our suitcases! Yeah! Now er just have to make sure we are not over the weight limit either when we leave Switzerland!
It was a great Cruise and a fun way to spend Christmas.



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