December 22 – Wertheim

December 22 – Wertheim

We “sailed” all night and were docked just outside Wertheim when we woke up at 7am. Even though we planned to eat all together at 8 am, we were almost done by 8:15 as we all got there early. Because of that we decided to leave the ship early and go on our own to visit the town.
It felt great to actually walk. As it turns out, by the end of the day, we had basically walked the same distance, but it felt great to walk at a reasonable clip. We first walked into town and hill towards the castle. It was mostly in ruins too, but it looked like inside one of the areas was a restaurant that ran until December. It wasn’t open at 8:30 in any case this morning. The walk up wasn’t that high and despite the cloudy day, the views were great. And there was no one else around. We had amazing views of the city below, the rivers, and the castle covered in moss. It was definitely a highlight.
When we got back down to the town, the rest of the ship was starting to tour about. We raced over to the glass blowing museum and popped in there to do a small amount of shopping. We found another little canal on the back side of town and walked back on that trail into the old centre again. Dad bought a pretzel from one of the three bakeries and mom and I tried on boots in a shoe store. We definitely did not need to buy any boots – especially me – but there was a great pair of boots that actually fit my calves so I ended up buying them. There is always winter at home! Lol.
By that point we were pretty much out of touring time, so we walked back to the ship getting a few beautiful reflection pictures along the way.
It was a fast visit in town today, but the afternoon on the ship was beautiful. After lunch, we had a glass blower from the town of Wertheim where there is a huge history of glass blowing. Not only is there a bit of artistic blowing, but mainly commercial or lab equipment being produced. He was great. He had his torch and made a beautiful candle holder and glass ball in the span of 10 minutes while chatting with the group. His family including his older and younger brother have all been glass blowing for over 25 years!
We had a nice “German Tea” with great shortbread and tea around 3:30 after we all had a nap, which was great. Looking out the window, drinking tea, listening to the pianist play, and reading was a pretty nice relaxing afternoon!
It was a calm afternoon. It gets dark so early that after about 4 pm there isn’t much of anything to see out the windows. But while it was light there were beautiful trees, roads, and little German towns along the way.
Dinner was nice and I think we are all drinking our money’s worth…half because we want to and the other half to stay warm! Lol.
Tomorrow is a long day, so off to bed we all go!


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