Dec 16 and 17 – Frankfurt and Sondersdorf

Dec 16 and 17 – Frankfurt and Sondersdorf

We left on our exciting trip to France later than anticipated today as the flight was a bit late leaving Calgary. It wasn’t a big deal though as we were flying direct to Frankfurt. It is so nice when that happens so that the flight isn’t stressful at all.
The flight was fine, but unfortunately for me I definitely got hit with the flu really hard about 2 hours into the 9 hour travel time. I didn’t really know it was the flu because I kept denying that I was not healthy, but by the time we landed I was so hot and cold and could barely stand –I knew it was a bad thing! But that’s how traveling and life goes sometimes. Lol. I haven’t had the flu in forever, so might just as well get it on the plane going on holidays!
We picked up our car rental at the Frankfurt airport. We rented from Europcar and it was only $80 Canadian for an oversized hatch-back for 4 days! It was a great price. Definitely faster and cheaper than taking the train for people.
It was relatively easy to find the autoroute that headed towards Sondersdorf. We all were tired, but Shawn navigated in the front seat while dad drove and I tried not to hurl while sitting in the back with mom. It was a boring drive because we weren’t taking the scenic route, but rather taking the fastest one possible so we could get to Sondersdorf. I think it was a bit of a boring drive but dad did great. We had to pull off into a couple of rest stops – to get coffee and to have a nap. Everyone in the car had a nap for 30 minutes except for Shawn who was all hopped up on coffee by that point!
We arrived in Sondersdorf where M. and Mme. S were excited to see us and greeted us with a great “apéritif” and some mini pastries with cheese and ham. It all (looked) so good…and I was told it was excellent!
Dinner was also fantastic – I choked back a couple of bites, which, as it turns out was a bad idea…but it was a delicious ham and potato dish that is typical for the Alsatian region of France.
We were all tired and happy to be in such a nice, warm, friendly place for the next couple of nights.

Let’s see if I make it through the night…lol…kind of.



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