Travel Back Thursday – Swimming

Our last stop on our Mediterranean cruise in 2013 was in Crete, Greece. It is a beautiful little island and we had some awesome sensurround experiences during our short visit.

Our ship arrived early at the port and we were probably on the first bus out to the city of Chania. I had it in mind that we were going to go find the beach.  It is a city on an island, so there must be a beach.  Down the main street and off to the side, we found a little cove where all the local ladies were doing their morning swim.


I love doing “local” things. They are much better than playing tourists, I figure.  So, once we figured out men were allowed (even though there were none there!), we found the little change cabin on the side of the road, hung our clothes on the rusty nails embedded into the rock and hopped in the water.

It was probably the nicest, cleanest, warmest shore water I have had the chance to swim in. The locals thought we were pretty funny as I guess it was not a typical tourist thing to do.  However, it made our visit to Crete perfect.

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