Foodie Friday – Rhubarb Wine

First Batch of Rhubarb Wine
First Batch of Rhubarb Wine

We grow a lot of rhubarb in our back yard. It is such an easy thing to grow and we were especially lucky that the previous owners of our house had already grown a sizable rhubarb patch. However, I have not been able to use all of the rhubarb that we grow to make crisps and pies and jams over the last few years, so I have been trying to figure out what to do with it all.

This year, I found a recipe to make rhubarb wine. Nothing like adding a bunch of sugar to rhubarb to make it a drinkable concoction! The first batch was a bit bitter when it was first bottled. But now that it has been sitting in bottles for about 6 months, it is actually quite decent. Makes me happy to be able to grow things and make food from the garden!

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