Travel Back Thursday – Family

My dad turned 60 a couple of years ago and to celebrate, the family went to Kenya. We had everything all planned out, but on the day of our flights, I decided I needed to make matching T-shirts.  I love to plan ahead, so the fact that this had not occurred to me prior to 5 hours before we had to leave was rather unfortunate.

The chaos I created making these shirts happen was absolutely ridiculous. In between patient appointments, I called a couple of places to see if they could have shirts done by 2:30pm that day. Pretty much everyone said no – except a place on White Ave (I lived in Edmonton at the time). I came up with a big long saying that would be on the front and back of the shirts.

When my ride to the bus station and I raced into the store I learned that letters were really, really expensive! I had to quickly decide to change the order to animals on the front of the shirts instead of a sentence – and madly beg to have the shirts completed on the spot. It was definitely not my finest moment!

However, having these awesome T-shirts is still a great reminder of our Kenya trip back in 2012.allisonplus003-family

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