Travel Back Thursday – Understanding

The mosque in Abu Dhabi is huge. It can hold 40 000 worshipers at one time!! It is the eighth largest in the world. The building itself has 80 domes inspired from Indian architecture. Over 1000 pillars that are decorated with semi-precious stone inlays, and 24 carat tips that are covered with Italian glass for protection. The walls inside the foyer are covered in flowers that were made from different colours of marble from all over the world. The carpet in the main hall is the largest hand-made carpet in the world. There were over 1200 women working on it for 2 years to finish it!

The chandelier in the main hall is made up entirely of Swarovski crystals and is 15m high and weighs something like 5 tonnes. It was absolutely beautiful!! It had an entirely different feel than The Taj Mahal, but they look pretty similar!allison033-understanding

To do this tour, all the women had to get dressed up in the abaya and jilbab– the black dress and black head scarf. It was really cool to wear those for an hour to see what it would be like. They are not as hot as I thought they would be. Apparently they chose black because it was the color that could be the lightest weight without being see-through.

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