Weekend Review – Christmas

I had a busy and great Christmas week! I can’t believe it has flown by already, but I guess that is always how this season goes.

Last week we were madly working on finishing up renos so that Shawn’s family would have a bathroom to useDec 29. 2015 while they were in town for Christmas. We were actually still hanging up the shower curtain when they arrived from Athabasca!  But we did manage to pretty much finish everything that needed to be done by the end of December 23rd.  Nothing like cutting it close, however!

On Christmas Eve, we went to my sister’s house for dinner. It was her first time hosting Christmas Eve and we had such good food! It was awesome.  Then, I got excited and started playing Christmas rolls on the player piano – but no one else was as excited by that as I was…oops!  It was a great evening, however!

Dec 29, 2015-2We had Christmas morning and dinner at our house. It was great.  Mom and dad brought Bronte over too, so she didn’t miss out on the family gathering.  She is happiest when we are all together.  It was awesome.  We did all the stockings one by one and even managed to do most of the presents one by one too!

It was great to have everyone around for the holidays!

Happy New Year!

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