Weekend Review – Christmas

It was definitely a Christmas-y weekend. On Friday evening we went to a party that friends hold in their garage!  It is a sweet garage because it is all heated and clean.  It even has TVs in it!  Pretty impressive man-cave!  There was a tonne of food and it was really fun.

On Saturday, while Shawn , Kendra, and Dad went to see Star Wars (really?!), I worked away with our contractor cutting tile so that we could make the shower tiling go faster. It kind of needs to be done ASAP.  We have people needing to use that shower here this week…progress!!

Saturday evening, we had the “Keating Christmas”. We have been getting together with the Keating side of the family ahead of Christmas for many years now.  It alternate hosts.  My aunt and uncle held it this year.  They even had a magician come and give us a show.  It was pretty fun.  It is always nice to see everyone.Dec 21,2015

Yesterday, we had our grandparents that live in Kelowna (who were in town for the Keating Christmas) over to my parent’s house for Brunch. Mom tried this really cool recipe for waffles – you make glazed apples, with brie cheese and sandwich it between waffles.  It was to die for!

Then, we “raced” over to Bragg Creek so that we could still go skiing since it was so nice out. We weren’t feeling very motivated, unfortunately.  Afternoons are not either of our motivated time of day.  5am – now that’s a good time of day! J  It was still good to get out to go skiing, however!

Finally, on Sunday night, we had our aunt and uncle that live in Edmonton over for dinner and to stay at our house. That was fun too – except I bought fat-free creamer instead of whipping cream, which meant we had only milk to put on our home-made pumpkin pie instead of cream!  Oh well!

Merry Christmas!

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