Weekend Review-Skiing

I was excited this weekend because I did something other than renovations!  I didn’t even know that was possible.

On Friday we had our business group Christmas party at the Calgary Zoo.  It was lovely and the food was awesome.  We did a “sock” gift exchange that got a bit out of control – but it is over for another year, so it is all good.

Saturday, I went out for breakfast and lunch.  It wasn’t planned that way, but it ended up being that way!  I hit the Dove’s Nest for Tea with my sister and a friend and then to the Patisserie du Soleil for lunch.  It was definitely a good eating and chatting day.November 23 -2

On Sunday, I drove out to Kananaskis to go cross country skiing.  The conditions were supposed to be amazing for this time of year, and I figured that cross country skiing was something I could do with my knee not being in full form, so I headed out.

It was amazing out!  It was sunny and warm and there was so much snow.  Most of the trail was track set already, and it wasn’t icy at all and it definitely wasn’t too busy when I got there at 9:30 in the morning!  I was able to do a really nice 14km ski without running into too many people (and without hurting my knee at all!).

I did run into this little bird, however.  He followed me down the path for a bit, which was kind of disconcerting.  From my research on Google, I think it is called a Spruce Grouse.  But I think this one had a screw loose!  They are apparently a bird that waits until someone is really close before they fly away – but to have one follow me as I skied away was a little weird.  I suppose I would much rather have a little bird follow me than to have a cougar follow me, however!November 23 -1

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