Weekend Review – Halloween

I am not that into Halloween as an adult, so I don’t have any exciting Halloween stories to report from this weekend. I do enjoy handing out candy to the kids.  This year I had 55 kids come to my door, which was awesome.  I must say, however, that the costumes were not that original this year. Out of the 55 kids that stopped by, I think I must have seen about 30 zombies and 20 vampires.  The other 5 people were creative.  Where are the years of the classic witch, clown or princess?

I had a couple of classic costumes growing up. Mom made most of them (if not all of them), so that was also why I had such unique costumes.  I was “an old-fashioned lady”, a construction worker, Phantom of the Opera, and a pumpkin.  One year I was Peter Pan.  Another year, a wizard.  I never was a witch – I figured the blue beard as a wizard was a better option.  And that was even pre Harry Potter era too!

November 2, 2015

My sister is super into Halloween. She wasn’t always a fan of it when she was younger, however.  A couple of times when it was really cold out and mom made us wear our snowsuits under our costumes she refused to even go out Trick-Or-Treating.  As for me, I have always been a fan of free food, so I went out and collected candy – regardless of the fact that I may have been a fat princess or a fat pumpkin with my snowsuit underneath.

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