Weekend Review – Sidney

What a great long weekend! We went to Victoria and were able to have a great 4 days out there – and there was no snow out there either, which was awesome.

Friday was lovely! We played pickleball…well I went and napped in the sun on the court while everyone else played pickleball. I don’t suppose napping burned as many calories, but never the less it was pretty much all I was capable of doing. After pickleball, we drove around a bit and visited a few different locations including an orchard called Sea Cider and had a small fleet of cider and some great charcuterie.

Sept 8, 2015-2On Friday night my mom, sister and I went to the local concert hall in Sidney and saw Brett Kissle! It was a really fun venue because it was so small. We were even given a free barbeque dinner included with our concert. It was really fun. I was really impressed with my mom for suggesting we go considering she is really not a fan of country music! (Dad and Shawn stayed home and watched a “shoot-em-up” movie instead…)

Late Friday night Uncle Don arrived from Ottawa so on Saturday there were six of us running around the condo. We started off the day with amazing cinnamon buns from the Sidney bakery! I have missed those for almost an entire year. Because it was a weekend to celebrate Uncle Don’s 65th birthday, he and Kendra went out to Adrenaline – a zip line course up Island a bit. Shawn and I were supposed to go cycling on Salt Spring – but clearly that wasn’t happening at all this trip. We instead borrowed a wheel chair and Shawn and I went for a great “walk” around town and visited all of the little stores. It was a lovely day. We had dinner to celebrate Uncle Don’s Birthday including a few presents and an awesome brownie cake!

Kendra left back to Calgary late on Saturday, so on Sunday we had enough room in the car for all of us again. It was raining in the morning, so we didn’t get up to too much, but headed over to Sea Glass for a great lunch. It was my first time there, and the food was amazing. We all brought at least half of it back as left overs! The rest of the family played pickleball in the sun again in the afternoon while I napped on the court again.   I wonder if I will be able to play at all by next summer!!

Monday morning everyone started on the drive back to Calgary, except Shawn and me. We had one more day as our flight left late on Monday night. We had a lazy day of movies and walks (rolls…) and cleaning up the condo. It was a lovely long weekend considering my mobility is a bit annoying at the moment!

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