July 6 and 7, 2015 (Vancouver and the Inside Passage)

Shawn and I flew to Vancouver yesterday to get onto our Norwegian cruise for Alaska. It was really weird to not go to Victoria. I don’t think I have flown to Vancouver in a very long time. I was impressed with how easy it was to take the skytrain from the airport to downtown Vancouver. The Olympics that were held here a couple of years ago really helped to improve transit.


We had quite a bit of time to kill before we could board the ship. Unfortunately, we had our luggage, so we couldn’t go too far. We did go to a grocery store and bought some diet coke so that we could have it on the ship rather than purchasing anything like that at crazy cruise ship prices. We found a fun little café and sat outside and worked on wedding plans a bit more. It is funny how much you don’t really communicate with people that you know well. It was relatively hard to come up with everyone’s email addresses.P1000062

We got on the ship around 2 pm, found our room, did the amazing drill with the life jackets and everything. It is a nice ship. A bit smaller than other ones that we have been on, but really nice. Shawn and I found the games area up top right away and played ping pong for an hour or so before we started to move and it got too windy.P1000113

We set sail and because it was so nice out, we hung out on the main deck where it wasn’t too windy and watched all of the little islands pass us by. There were also a lot of whale sightings. It was awesome. I am glad that we decided not to pay for a whale watching tour, because I think we will already have our tour from the ship!P1000103 - Copy

Because it is Norwegian, we don’t have a set dining time or anything. I kind of like the set schedule because it helps to develop the relationships with the staff. But the food was good, really good, so that was amazing enough!P1000041

Our first day on the ship was a sea day. I like that because it gives a full day to get into the groove of relaxing. We sat upstairs in this amazing lounge where there is great music and comfortable chairs most of the morning because it was really foggy.P1000112

In the afternoon, it was nicer out because the captain decided to take an even narrower inside, inside passage and it completely cleared off. The mountains were very close to the ship though. It was impressive navigating. It was so nice out that we did a lot of walking on the lower main deck and even had happy hour and played yatzee on the back open deck. There are great views everywhere! It is kind of like cruising in Banff…



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