Weekend Review – Kelowna

I have never done a lot over May long weekend.  “True Calgarians” know that it is probably the most jinxed weekend of the whole year!  However, this weekend Bronte and I drove all the way to Kelowna to visit my grandparents who live there.  It was a really nice drive there and back and it was great to see how green and summer-like things are compared to Calgary!

may 19, 2015On the Saturday the weather was awesome.  It was a good 25 above.  It was amazing to be able to lie on the beach and soak up the sun.  I drove to and from Kelowna listening to Harry Potter – and I quite enjoyed laying on the beach listening to the story.

On Saturday night I introduced my grandparents to a new show on Netflix called “Grace and Frankie”.  It is about two older couples who break up in their 70s because the two men declare their love for each other and want to be married.  Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are the two female leads and are breathlessly funny.  It is a great show.

It was absolutely down pouring with rain on Sunday morning.  I know that the area needs it because of how dry it has been, but I was a little bit annoyed.  I had wanted to do some cycling and I don’t really enjoy cycling for fun in the rain.  Grandpa and I went over to their clubhouse where I kind of learned how to play pool.  I am horrible.  I lost by something like 57 points or something crazy.  Oh well.

It was a good relaxing weekend overall.  But I don’t really feel like being in the car for a while now.  That is a lot of driving for one weekend.

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