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nature001-calmOn weekends when Shawn is working, I like to go for a nice, relaxing 50-75km ride on the Sunday morning.  The great thing about Calgary is that there are hills.  And, although I am not an especially fast cyclist to being with, I am dreadfully slow going up hills.  Once I get over the fact I am barely moving, I really do enjoy the views.  You never have great views cycling from Leduc to Wetaskiwin on hwy 2A.

The only time that I really don’t like that ride is when I realize I am caught up with a race or a fundraising ride.

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  1. Allison I’m a keen cyclist too – interested in these long weekend rides. What are some good routes? I’m always looking out for suggested rides or cycling buddies! The Bow River Pathways are good but a little limiting..

    1. That’s great! I am new to cycling in Calgary but I am learning quickly! I like Hwy 22x and Hwy 22 south on the Cowboy Trail. Another cyclist told me that leaving West from Turner Valley (I think it would be AB 546) is a great ride. Yeah!

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