Weekend Review

March 16,2015It was such a beautiful weekend.  I don’t remember a more beautiful March – ever.  I do remember that when I was in grade 6 it snowed about a meter overnight of March 17th and it closed all of the schools.  It was my only snow day I have ever had!

On Friday and on Sunday, Shawn and I walked in Fish Creek Park.  The difference was that on Friday afternoon I was able to walk around in my shorts!  I am sure that I have never done that before in March!

Saturday morning was great because we actually biked around the reservoir.  Again – definitely a first for March.  There was only a tiny bit of snow down in the weaselhead area.  I was really impressed.  Fortunately, we finished our 27km ride before the wind picked up too much.  It felt so good to be able to cycle at this point in the year!

I managed to make a few more pottery mugs and bowls on Sunday.  Overall, however, it was a really chill weekend.

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