In like a Lion…

I can’t believe it is March already!  And despite it being a relatively nice weekend weather-wise, I think that today perhaps qualifies as a “Lion” day, so maybe the weather will continually improve March 2-4, 2015throughout the month and it will actually be spring.

It is funny that now that I am in Calgary I want more snow.  I used to hate the snow when I lived in Edmonton.  We bought new cross country skis at the beginning of January and have not had a chance to use them yet because there hasn’t been enough snow.  Or time.  Because I think if we were able to drive off deep into the mountains somewhere, we would probably have enough snow to use our skis.

Although we didn’t have the chance to go skiing this weekend, we did manage to go for an 11km walk to my parents’ neighbourhood and back.  The fact that we can walk that distance in the middle of winter without boots on is quite impressive.

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