A few teeth short

Ed's 90th
Ed’s 90th

My 90 year old grandpa, Ed, is in a nursing home in Calgary.  He is still able to come visit me at Floss DHC for his hygiene appointments, where I can clean his teeth from his wheel chair.  I think it is pretty cool that he still has his own teeth that I am able to clean!

However, last week, a caregiver noticed that Ed was a few teeth short.  When I went to visit him before breakfast this morning and asked him to smile, he grinned at me like he knew something was up – sure enough he had lost his entire lower bridge!  That means the teeth broke off right at the gum line and as a result he only has 1 tooth left on the bottom.

Even though he doesn’t talk as much as he used to, he definitely follows what is being said and done around him most of the time.  When I asked how he was going to eat without those teeth he replied with a smirk “I’ll just have to gum it, I guess”!



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