Saturday, October 11, 2014

It was our last morning in Angé.  It was the most beautiful day of the week!  Go figure. 

It took us a while to pack.  We bought a lot of stuff.  And we still have quite a bit of food.  Trying to pack all that stuff in our little backpacks is always a challenge at the end of a trip.

We went for a beautiful walk up through the vinyards and found a back route to the bakery.  It is too bad that we found it today!  It was really nice.  And we found this field of old cars – and there were goats everywhere.  The little kid raced up to the fence once I started making goat noises.  It was soooo cute.

 Our walk was longer than what we thought it would be and I got a little stressed about getting back to the house in time.  The home owners were nice enough to drive us to the train station, so that was awesome.  It was great to not have to walk back with our huge bags again.

We made it through Paris and back to Meaux by around 4pm.  Once we arrived at Sophie’s place we went into full cooking and preparation mode.  We made a full Thanksgiving dinner for Sophie and Dani!  Sophie, Laure, Shawn, and I went off into town to find the things we needed for dinner.  We bought pumpkin (like actual real pumpkin), and potatoes, and boursin. 

Back at the house we had Dani make the pastry for the pumpkin pie.  Sophie worked on dealing with beans and chopping pumpkin into chunks.  We put chicken in the oven with this amazing rub that Shawn made and I was working on potatoes and pie!  We managed to make everything we needed – including gravy!  It was a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner. 

Finishing packing was a whole different story.  It was quite a challenge to make sure our one checked bag and our two carry-ons were the right weight.  This always happens when I am in France.  All that extra cheese and wine to come home definitely adds to the baggage weight.

It was sad to say goodnight to Sophie, Dani, and Laure!  This will be the last time I will see them for a while.  Hopefully they will come to visit soon!

It was a great trip to France.

Until next time!

Good night!


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