Wednesday, October 8, 2014

We did not sleep in quite as much today as we did yesterday – I think we may be almost caught up on sleep from the traveling and everything.  It was a lighter looking sky today, so we decided to take the sketchy looking bikes and cycle the 20ish kilometers to Chateau Chenonceau. 

The bikes are definitely not ideal – the “woman’s” bike has 4 gears and barely moves and the men’s one keeps losing air in the tires.  We actually strapped the big bike pump to the rat trap so that if we lost air we could pump the tires up en route.   We had to do this only once – about 2 km down the hill from the house.

There is an amazing path that goes flat beside the Cher river all the way from Ange to the castle.  It was not a hard ride, except for the equipment that we were completing the ride with.  I am sure that you can continue on and on with the bike paths that are provided.  I was really impressed.

What was even more impressive was that it didn’t rain the entire time we were outside today!  We left the house around 10am this morning and returned at 4pm and it didn’t rain until we started eating dinner around 5pm.  It was an awesome day.

We missed the bike path turn off for the castle, so we headed up the highway and completely overshot the castle.  We stopped and turned around and headed back down towards the river – where we were afforded the most amazing views of the castle.  The castle is built right over the river and there are spectacular arches over the river, with the castle overtop of the arches.  Apparently the bridge/castle was useful during WWII to help people escape from one river bank to the other. 

I have always wanted to see this castle, so I was pretty happy to get here!  We didn’t go inside because we were told that it was nothing special inside (as most castles are).  So after a little break and an apple, we continued back on to Montrichard.

We were going to stop in one of the bakeries to have a little happy hour pastry, but the lady in the shop yelled at me because of our bikes being parked outside of her windows, so we didn’t stop and just decided to go back to Ange and the house for happy hour!  Silly woman – she would have made a sale if she didn’t yell at me.  People.

It was still nice enough when we made it home to play 2 horrible games of yatzee and have some wine on the patio.  Definitely worth while skipping grumpy baker lady for patio yatzee! J

Tomorrow, I think we will take the train into Tours and spend the day there.  Hope all the trains are still working, as mom mentioned there is a strike right now.  Seriously?!


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