Tuesday September 30, 2014

We woke up early this morning so that mom and I could go for a long walk along the river this morning.  I actually got up at 3am to see if there were any pictures worth taking…but then I decided I was insane and I went back to sleep.  Then I woke up at 6am to go up to the top deck to see if there were any pictures.  There weren’t.  But anyway.  Kendra was ready to kill me with all of my up and downs, but the walk was excellent.

First thing in the morning we went on a walk around the city.  Some of the things we covered, we had already done on Sunday afternoon before the cruise started.  It was great to get a tour overview of things, however.  Lyon is the second (or third – depending on where you get your info from) biggest city in France, after Paris.  It is where the Saone and the Rhone rivers meet.

I quite like Lyon.  It is a big city, however.  The river banks are lovely with great bike paths, pools, walking paths and little parks.  There is the old part of the city and the new part.  The old part of the city is fun because there are lots of winding streets and great cobblestone.  We saw the St. George quarter where there are theatre puppets called Guignol that a dentist used to perform in order to convince people to come get their teeth pulled. 

We saw a few of the secret tunnels that were used during the silk trade that was big in Lyon.  They were also used during World War II to escape people as the tunnels often lead back to another street entirely.  They were pretty interesting.

One of the squares was cool because there is a big building that is now in the middle of the square now.  It used to be where men sat on benches to exchange money.  It was a bank.  After sitting in the rain, people eventually decided to build a building to cover them from the rain when they were exchange money. 

After our morning tour was over, we went back along the tourist street in the old town to this amazing ice cream shop.  It was an amazing ice cream shop with crazy flavours – mom had lemon-basil ice cream and I had salted caramel.  Kendra and Dad had done boring cherry and strawberry flavours, but they said they were also excellent.

We decided not to kill Kendra with walking today, but never the less, we walked over to the shopping streets to try and do some damage.  Nothing stuck, however, and we went back to the ship for a quick bite to eat before heading out on an 8km bike tour.

It was kind of funny because I saw that we were taking 2 hours to bike only 8km – so I knew that we were not going very far.  The paths are fantastic.  I want to cycle here more.  We went to the zoo. It is in the Parc de la Tete d’Or – where there is a legend of a golden head being buried in the park somewhere.  The park was fantastic – the zoo is even free!  There is a great, huge lake in the middle too.  I was pretty impressed.

Mom and I caused some problems when we got back from the bike tour.  After a small snack we decided that we wanted to take the boat’s bikes out for a little ride (because our other ride was so lame), but they had already put the bikes away!  Oops.  The took 2 of them out for us so that we could go for our ride.  We still had over an hour before we had to leave, so it was a bit premature to put away the bikes, so I am glad that we got to go.  Their bikes are super awesome and really adjustable.  I was really impressed.

Dinner was great, once again.  I am definitely eating and drinking a lot on this little ship!  J

We headed upstairs after dinner to listen to the music and dance a bit.  I had a mudslide (which the bartender knew as a screaming orgasm) and all of us danced a bit.  The singing/piano duo is really quite good and knows lots of songs. Even dad got up to dance a couple of times.  Yeah!

It was an excellent day!



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