August 7, 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

                I had a great sleep-in this morning before checking the heat list for today’s swim.  We have free practice in the mornings until 2pm.  The race itself only starts at 2pm…

                I meandered over to the tram stop buying food for lunch at the local supermarket en route.  The pool is beautiful.  It is a modern, well-lit, tonnes of windows, 50m pool.  It was great.  It took me a while for my arms to remember how to swim as it has been a few weeks, but I did a good 2.5km “practice” this morning.

                My heat was scheduled to swim at 3pm, so I decided I would head home to read and eat instead of staying at the pool.  My book is sooooo good, so that was a quite nice break.

                I swam in heat 7…knowing fully well that all of the girls I was actually competing against in my age group were swimming in heats 5 through 1…therefore meaning I would not be placing at all!  I had a pretty close heat, which is nice for the self-confidence and had a great 200m swim (3:01, which is really good for me!)…but I did definitely come in 6 out of 6 in my age group!  Go figure.  It still felt really good to swim, though.  I haven’t been in just a “swimming race” since 2nd year university!  It’s been a while, but I didn’t even lose my googles when I dove in from the starting block! Yeah!

                I got off a stop early on the tram so I could get some gelato!  It was the best price and the best selection of flavours I have had yet in Italy!  It was great!!  I walked home and stopped at the grocery store again – to get pasta, tomatoes, and red wine for dinner!  I even bought a can of rosemary and olive oil pringles!  They are to die for! 

                It is actually a decent temperature today.  I was able to eat dinner and finish my awesome book out on the patio I can access from my room.  It is great! 

                There is no swimming for me tomorrow.  I have a day off before 2 races on Friday and 2 on Saturday.  I may rent a bike if I can figure out how, or perhaps walk around down town. Turin is such a big city it is not as obvious of what “needs” to be seen and visited!



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