July 22, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

                We arrived late into Messina (Sicily) so we had a nice sleep-in this morning.  Shawn piled on the breakfast – easy to do with the buffets here!  The one unfortunate thing is that the crew prepour the water and juice, so it is hard to fill-up water bottles –we manage to do it, however!

                Shawn and I decided to stay in Messini instead of going to Taormina because there was a lot to do in the former without driving for 2 hours either way to get to Taormina.  We hiked up the hill to go visit Cristo Re Church which gave us a beautiful panorama of the harbor and of the town.  We visited a couple more churches up on the hill before heading down to the Capolinea where the Cathedral has this astronomical clock that played a song and made lion and rooster sounds at noon everyday. The gold statues moved while the music played.  It was very entertaining! 

                We walked up towards the centre of town and visited numerous shops along the way.  I managed to “escape” the shopping, but Shawn bought a nice pair of pants and a shirt.  It seems like I often hit the annual sales in France, we have managed to hit the sales here too! Lots of stores are between 50-70% off the entire store. 

                Before heading back to the ship we purchased two different types of canoli.  They were quite tasty!

                It was overall a relaxing and nice day in Messina!

                We had a great singer for the show this evening.  Gary Williams is a well-known “Classics” singing – mostly Frank Sinatra.  He was excellent.  I was really impressed with the show.  It was “white hot” night this evening, but it was really busy, so we decided not to hang out by the pool.  Instead we walked up to the sport deck and played a round of mini-golf!  It was great, although the dark added an extra challenge.

Tomorrow is sea day! Yeah!




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