Tuesday, August 28, 2012

                We got up and had a quick breakfast before saying bye to mom and dad…they are continuing on to Tanzania and Kendra and I are heading back to Nairobi to leave for home today.  The ride was easy compared to some of the other long and bumpy ones we’ve done over the past few days.  And, as an added bonus, the ladies selling things at the gate had the bowls that mom and I both liked so I was able to get a bowl for mom as we passed through!  Yeah!

                We arrived at the hotel and had no problem checking into our flights and our rooms.  The tricky part came when I started cutting up cardboard boxes and using tape in attempt to make a box for my giraffe!  His name is Alfred, by the way!  I managed to take apart three cardboard boxes and retape them together in something that looked similar to a golf-bag shaped box.  In the box I also managed to put my least valuable clothes and my Maasai blanket for protection!  It looked pretty scary, not going to lie!  I was definitely concerned about the stability of my box considering it needs to go ½ way around the world!

                Kendra stayed in the room and attempted to sleep while I went downstairs for a work out.  It was great…I am so happy that they had a gym in this hotel!  Nice to fit in a few good ones in between travel days!  We ate a nice dinner/lunch (linner!) in the hotel dining room just before we were taken to the airport.

                I paid 800 khs to have my giraffe wrapped in plastic at the airport…it was definitely worth it because they made it look sooooo good and secure!  I was impressed, for sure!  10$ for “shipping” as my luggage is pretty good…if it makes it there in one piece, I suppose!  We will see once I get home.  Nothing I can do about it now!

                As we checked in the agent asked us if we wanted to be bumped.  I automatically said yes and Kendra said no!  It was soooo hard!  I know Kendra wanted to go home and she knows I can’t say no to free money!  Finally, because we couldn’t agree, the agent left us to think about it for a while so that he could help others…I totally begged Kendra to stay another full day in Nairobi!  I love getting bumped and as well as the compensation money, we’d be guaranteed first class to Zurich on the same flight tomorrow.  After a lot of begging and pleading she said it was my decision and that she’d be okay with spending another day here…

                …and then I thought about it…and thought about it…and felt bad for making Kendra stay when she really didn’t want to…and putting both of our airport pick-up people on the other end come another day later to get us…and possibly missing out seeing Laura in Heathrow…so we checked in and will be heading to Zurich in economy this evening…and I’ll get over it (eventually!).

                (Hopefully I get first class from Heathrow to Edmonton anyway…that would still be an awesome thing! J)

Yeah for the awesome last two weeks….back to reality in about 29 hours! L

Until next time!

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