Monday, August 29, 2011

We had a relaxing morning because we didn’t really have a plan of where to head off to today. We “slept in” (ie I made it to 8:15 before I woke up!) and then walked up to a bakery we’d seen yesterday. We tried these caramel cinnamon bun things along with hot chocolate for breakfast – a nice change from granola and oatmeal!

Because downtown opened up at 10am today, we headed off to look at a few stores that I wasn’t able to go in yesterday. I am definitely not cool enough to wear the clothes that they consider fashionable here! They were those “diaper pants” and leggings most of the time it seems – neither of which I could really pull off back at home! Impressive styles here, for sure, however, nothing for me! It was fun to look, however.

After a while at the bookstore/internet we walked back to our car to find a parking ticket! Never received one of those at home, so seems right that I get one here! It was for 20$, and was because we didn’t have a “parking clock” on our dash! The time zone said parking free for 2 hours, and we were parked for 1h 45min, however, they put these manual clocks on their windows to indicate the time they arrived at the free parking, and we didn’t have one! No honors system here…uggg…so we went over to the tourist information centre to ask where to pay the ticket! The lady there kind of made it better, because she said that the parking attendant likes his job too much! I would have to agree.

Because of the parking ticket we got to see city hall (boring) as well as a local bank, because as it turns out, parking tickets are actually paid at the bank! And, the best part (if there I one to be had from receiving a parking ticket for not really doing anything wrong in the first place) was that for some reason the ticket turned out to be only 1350 ISK (about 13$). Apparently there is a discount if you pay your ticket fast or something! Go figure!

We made it out of Akureyri alive and headed off West towards the town of Saudarkrokur. It is the region’s administrative centre with a population of 2600, the second biggest town next to Akureyri. We didn’t spend much time in the town, but continued on out to the tiny town (ie it was one house and a campground) of Reykir. This place was right on the ocean, on the tip of the fjord with towering green cliffs along the side. The view was awesome, and as a bonus, there were natural hot springs with no one nearby! After a walk on the beach to find some ocean-polished quartz stones, we had an awesome swim in the two hot pools by the ocean. Definitely the quintessential Icelandic experience!

As we were driving along the highway, we followed some escapee Icelandic horses for a while! It was fun to see them run around!

The campground in Saudarkrokur looked kind of ugly, so we decided to head off to the town of Blönduós. There are only 800 people living here, but it is apparently an important fishing village right on the coast! Yeah! The campsite is beautiful, right next to the river, and we’ve already walked around the little island in the middle of the river!

Off to play cards and eat something called Smamal (I think it is chocolate mousse for dessert!).



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