Thursday, January 6, 2011

I spent the morning walking around Puno. I was actually trying to find a bookstore so I could buy a book that would help to pass the time over the next couple of days in busses and planes. I wonder what the litteracy rate is in Peru. It was very challenging to find bookstores – in Spanish or in English!! I found the libraray and a museum, both of which were rather interesting. I finally found someone that actually knew a bookstore existed in Puno and made my way there. They had three books in English – two about the Incas and one by a Spanish author. For 3$, I decided it was a good thing!

I had an awesome ice cream cone for lunch while sitting in the plaza. I don’t think any of the locals actually work! They just all sit with their friends in the central plaza all day! It is amusing to watch. There was a wedding today at the Church, which was interesting to watch. They had a bunch of coloured confetti thrown on them and then they walked around the plaza. It was interesting.

Early afternoon I made my way over to the bus station and found this lovely seat on the second floor – where I’ll be until Arequipa. Thankfully, there, I’ll get to switch to the first floor and the big seats!

Should be an interesting sleep!


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