Monday, Dec 27, 2010

I finished the only book I brought before I even landed in Miami! Not a good thingalthough the book was excellent. I did try to exchange it at one of theHudson Newsstands in the airport, but the gentleman at the kiosk decided to pretend he didn‘t understand what I was asking. I don’t really blame him – I am still in the US, not in Peruand I really didn‘t think a book store would let me exchange a book!! (Which, is totally dissapointing, really, because my books like they‘ve never been used anyway!)
So after I landed here I walked for about an hour and then went to this restaurant for dinner. I felt like I grew two heads, because I was eating alone, however! They sat me in front of the kitchen door and each one of the staff took their turn staring at me through the round peep hole in the door! It was slightly amusing, really. I had an excellent pecan and feta salad however (oops…I am not supposed to talk about food! But, really, there isn‘t exactly much going on here at the moment other than eating!).
On my first flight from Calgary, there was a young girl that sat beside me who ended up going to Strathcona Tweedsmeer. We had an interesting discussion (as we were landing!) about what she wanted to be when she grew up. She was a much more pleasant seat mate than the guy that sat beside me from Chicago to Miami. He seemed to think he was a rock star or something along those lines. He wore his sunglasses the entire flight (the sun had pretty much set by the time we landed in Miami!) and did that hair flip thing that looks just plain rediculus. He was off to “do a showin Aruba, go figure!
I am so happy that I am not going to New York at all!! All three airports in New York and the one in Philadelephia are all closed! All flights are canceled! That would not be funespecially because a lot of those flights are probably going elsewhere, not just stopping in New York! Happy that I am headed to warmer places with minimal chances of snow.
Well, I now have another 3 hours before I boardsleep will be an exciting thing!


P.S. My spell check is in Spanish, so I can’t even fix little mistakes because EVERYTHING is incorrect on here! 🙂

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