Thursday, August 13

I had such a great sleep last night! There was some noise, but because there was a general noise it kind of drowned out everything else. I think it also helped that I could breathe almost normally again.
The included breakfast was good too…nothing to write home about, but it was pretty good, none the less! After eating our allotted cheese and bread we headed out to wander around the city. We hiked up a hill to see a huge pendulum on top of a hill – but it wasn’t working this morning. It was a nice view of the city, however.
We then walked to the market and looked around there for a while – bought some nougat and a huge basket of raspberries. Both quite good!
Those were our two main events of the day, to be honest! We wandered over to the government buildings and to the other train station because the towers looked pretty from a distance (nothing too special when we got there, however!!). We then sat down on a bench in a very busy park – it was an excellent hour or so that we sat there looking at the people. There was an interesting group that sat down next to us. They opened their box of wine with their teeth and then proceeded to share it while bumming cigarettes from a group of young girls sitting across from us. They later all fell asleep with their chins on their chests.
When we were tired of sitting there we walked back to the tourist part/ old town and walked into a few shops. We were severely lacking money because we had to give a 200czk for our deposit at the hostel – and we had only taken out 600czk originally. For lunch we split a hot dog! It was kind of funny, but it gave us another chance to people watch on the curb of the clock tower. And….we saw the clock hit the hour (twice today, actually) – where a little skeleton pulled a string to ring the bell above and some other figures did a little dance. It was quite cute.
We decided it would be more fun if we could use our 200czk so we walked back to the hostel and begged to trade in our deposit for an increased euro value – which then gave us a lot more money to play with! Ohh – and on the way back to the hostel we passed a hotel called “The Manderin Oriental” where there was a huge crowd, police, and media assembled at the exit. Apparently, Madonna was going to be leaving soon – so everyone was waiting there to see her! Well, we waited for ½ an hour with no action, so we left! However, I can now say I saw the hotel where she was staying in Prague!!
After a nap in the hostel we headed out to locate some form of dinner – and managed to buy an ice cream each and then a hot dog each – and then found enough cones for a ½ cone each! You think I’d be ice creamed out by now, eh!? Apparently not…they just have the best ice cream here ever!! My two favourites are lemon and Strachetella. Both awesome!!
Oh – another funny thing was making Sophie pee in fancy hotel toilets again! We were looking for things to do, so we walked around the “Carlo IV” for a while until we found the washrooms! When we found them she looked at me and said “I don’t think this is normal, but I thank you. They are better than public toilets”! It was funny!!
One more night here in the hostel and then in the airport tomorrow night before heading home on Saturday morning!!

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