Sunday, August 9

Sunday, August-09-09
We decided that sleep was a good thing this morning because we covered so much territory during the 5 hours walking around yesterday afternoon. I managed to sleep in until 7:30, which was relatively impressive for me. I then went for a run around the island. The island actually has a running track around the entire thing, so it was quite nice! It was already 25 degrees at 8am, however, so that definitely slowed me down! I don’t do heat that well!!
When I got back from the run, no one had moved an inch in the girls’ dorm! I woke Sophie up and after we were all showered and ready, we ate breakfast on the deck (in the hot, hot sun!) – it was a breakfast of pretzels and nutella! Quite nice, really! J
Walking, we went to the castle. It was quite the walk – we are not used to these big cities!! We walked past the “House of Terror”. It is a new museum that has been erected to document the two terror regimes in Hungry.
It was great to see the castle! The gates are the entrance to the grounds and are called the gates of Becsi Kapu and are the most important in the city. There is an angel in the centre, holding a double cross, which is there to remind of the recapturing of Buda in 1686. There were several different and intricate buildings on either side of the gates and square.
Inside the gates were the castle and the thermal baths. The castle was very beautiful – It is hard to describe these things, really. The grounds were lovely as well, but since we already walked for 2 hours straight, we decided it wasn’t really necessary to explore the area surrounding the castle! And, for the baths…well, they are a “must do” in Budapest, but with the temperature, it was definitely not appealing to hop into a hot tub!! And, the cost was a little exorbitant. So, instead we just took some random picture of the building!
We got on the metro at the castle and took it to….the mall! When we got lost leaving the train station we found this mall – that we thought would be open today as none of the shopping down town was open at all. So, we got there and shopped – for a grand total of 4 hours! It was impressive, really. Sophie is a shoe addict, so we stopped in almost every shoe store in the mall! I was trying to find some form of sandal replacement (I have the sandals I wore the 4 weeks in India – and I have a blister on my heal!!), but the shoes here are more expensive than what I want to pay…so no go! However, I did manage to find a sweater in alpaca wool that I bought! Go figure, eh? It is almost 40 degrees and I buy sweaters! Oh well, more practical than summer things, I suppose. And then, I also found this awesome blue and brown coat – which sounds scary, but it is pretty cool! So, yes, those are my Budapest souvenirs!!
Well, we had a nice picnic in the park and then came back to the hostel to attempt to redo our bags with all of our purchases! It should be interesting tomorrow because our couchsurfing host doesn`t want us there until 9pm!! A long day of carrying things in the future!!
Night -AJ

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