Friday, August 7

We woke up this morning well rested from our solid, comfortable, and undisturbed sleep! It was great. Krista was still there because she was going to be working from home for the day. It was rather casual, however, and we just discussed what time we should be back at her house in the evening in order to make sure we could get in.
We headed out to get the bus to go to Lake Bled. However, Sophie and I had a little argument because she isn’t as much of a morning person as I am – and therefore functions at a snail’s pace in the morning – which I totally forgot to take into account when I considered the length of the walk to get to the bus/train station. In any case, we took one wrong turn and despite me practically running towards the train station, we missed the 9am bus – which made me really happy. We argued a bit (nothing too dramatic) and got over it by eating some pastries and juice by the station.
The bus ride was nice. There was pretty much no one in the entire bus. It was also great because it really gave us a tour of some of the smaller towns between Ljubljana and Bled. Bled was only 50km away from Ljubljana, however, because of the “tour” that we went on, it took a little longer than anticipated. None the less, 1.5 hours later we were in Bled!
It was a much more touristic town/city than Ljubljana, I’d say. We headed directly down to the lake because we didn’t want to do much today. We found a nice grassy spot on the hill by the lake and spread out! The weather was perfect and the location was pretty awesome as well.
Bled is known for the island in the middle of the lake; the only island in Slovenia. On the island is a church that has been gradually formed over the years – paintings from one period, alters from another period, etc. It cost more than the bus fair to get to Bled to get to the island, so we decided to appreciate the church from the shore where sat for the day.
The lake was gorgeous with the mountains towering over the valley and was a temperature of 23 degrees! It was a really nice swimming temperature, and there was no one in the lake at all!! Sophie and I each went for a nice little swim at various times and then we sat and basked in the sun. It was really nice and relaxing.
We got an ice cream cone (again!) and headed on our way back to Ljubljana. It always amazes me how a relaxing day like that can be so exhausting!! In fact Sophie said just that – but somehow it was much more amusing when she said it!
Well, tonight/tomorrow is going to be a gong show, so I guess I should go take my shower and have a nap….we’ll see!


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