February 18

I decided I needed to go early to yoga this morning in order to do some abs before the class started! I worked so hard on them after Christmas and now there will be a lack of use of them…I will be all sad when I get back in March! Oh well….if that is my biggest issue, I think I will be fine!
Oh – and the yoga lady is so funny…she speaks English very well, and I don’t have any right to correct her because I can’t speak one word on Hindi! In any case, however, she says “another arm” instead of saying “other arm”, which pretty much makes me laugh every time!
On a different note…all of the Guiding ceremonies and rituals started this morning as well. We got to march out to the flag pole and each country brought something to represent themselves. We brought a bison!! Then we had a discussion about what we did the day before and all that good stuff! We also had a little session regarding what we needed to look for in the sari shops for when we went to Laxmi Road market.
We all got into our Tuc-Tucs and went to the market. It was a fun morning, however the leaders didn’t really let us loose to shop, unfortunately. The whole insane amount of people thing is getting a lot more normal. It isn’t a big deal, actually – when there are more people around, actually, they seem to pay less attention to us as a whole, which is kind of a bonus! Anyway…we went to Bangle Alley to start. It was shops and shops that only sold bangles! It was really difficult to chose, especially because they had a very wide variety of different styles to choose from. I ended up getting some redish-gold ones, which may or may not match my salwar kameeze (Punjabi suit) fabric that I chose later on in the morning. I did my best to bargain as well, but they are tough in these tourist-y areas and having the leaders looking over my shoulder as I did that, did not help the situation either. I managed to get him down from 80 Rs to 65 Rs for 12 bangles. I can deal with that, I suppose!
We then went to a fruit and veggie market. It was really fun because we had a challenge. Each group was given 5Rs and we were told to get as many different veggies as possible with it. This is where my bargaining really came in handy!! We managed to get 18 different items for 5Rs!! That is like 9 cents cdn or so! Pretty cool. And the vendors all knew what we were up to, which made it all the more fun!
We then walked down to the market area – and it was soo cool! Definitely crowded, but they are all there for the same reason – to buy stuff, so it is all good! …to be continued!

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