June 23

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Today was such a great day!! It was totally the stereotypical “girls day”! Shopping, talking, eating….all good things!!
So, we woke up at 9am to my alarm – that Sophie noticed right away is the same one as I had in France 3 years ago!! We had a picnic breakfast on my bed…juice, apples, and cinnamon bun things (always without the cinnamon) and took some awful morning pictures!! Sophie always cracks me up in the morning because she is completely dysfunctional. Yep…pretty funny!!
We started the walk along the canals to go to Toulouse around 10 and the temperature was perfect. In fact, all day it was perfect! And the canals are a perfect running spot – and there were a lot of people running along there…in fact the most people I’ve seen doing exercise during my entire trip!! I guess it helps that we are on campus, because that is a different population!
After finding the tourist office we wandered around, stopping in all the stores possible. I don’t really know if we were on any specific mission, but we both did a significant amount of damage! We are definitely not a good influence on each other for shopping! In this one store we stopped into before lunch there were the French equivalent of “Dogs” for less than 10 Euros and I, obviously, went a little nutty! I debated which colour to buy, and I ended up getting a pink pair! I am quite impressed – and very happy I didn’t by a pair in Calgary before I left!!
We found a great restaurant for lunch. It was a crêpe place – and for 10 Euros we got an amazing salad, a lunch crêpe, and a dessert crêpe. I couldn’t eat everything…and, as it was, I was insanely full at the end! But, it was really the only restaurant I’ve gone to while visiting cities, so it was a great change. And the crêpes were totally awesome too!!
After lunch the shopping continued…we walked down by the river and listened to the Spanish music that was playing on the other side. At the moment there is a Spanish music festival in Toulouse called “Rio Loco”. We visited one church along the way and there was a couple getting married at the time!! (And the church was still open to the public!! Weird? I think so!) Anyway, we stopped for a bit and watched. It was a rather small affaire, but Sophie concluded they must be really rich because it is rare to be married in a church like that!
In this one store I bought a little jacket, vest thing – very French (now it will go with my scarf that I bought in Blois – same price, in any case!!). And then I bought another pair of shoes – I know…I am not supposed to buy any more shoes…but it is really hard, you know!! There are shoes everywhere here!! They are the funkiest pair of shoes ever, by the way. Bright, shiny blue shoes with pointed toes!! I am quite excited to wear them at home! Mona would be impressed with my choice in shoes, I am sure.
Sophie bought a wooden jewellery box with little ceramic drawers (that we tried to exchange with another box that was also on sale and ended up getting in trouble)…as well as a T-shirt dealeo for herself. Then, because she hasn’t seen her parents in a while, she needed to find a Mother’s and Father’s day present for them – a metal sign that says “mom’s the boss” and a bottle of wine ended up being the presents.
We were pretty tired from all our shopping around 6:30pm, so with our hand full of bags, we walked back along the canals to go “home”. I went to our place and Sophie walked to Dani’s place to drop off all her stuff.
I went for a run along the canals…it was really hot, but it was nice. Way too many crazy fast runners that made me feel really slow, but it was good, in any case!
Ohhh…I forgot stuff!! M. S. called this morning and I had a nice little conversation with him! I made sure he remembered his contract! It was good to talk to him…and Mme S. said she’d make sure he didn’t break the contract. So, all is well in that department!
As well…for “dinner”, Sophie and I found this amazing ice cream store with a gazillion flavours of ice cream and sherbets. Because we were both still really full from our huge lunch, we shared one – Straciatella and Grapefruit. They were both amazing…and the grapefruit was so fruity – very awesome.
And…after my run…we ate an apple, looked at my pictures on the comoputer and went to bed!

Yep…quite an excellent girls day!! Made me really happy!! I don’t think I’ve talked that much in one day in a long time! I’ve definitely missed Sophie…



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