June 21

Thursday, June 21, 2007
Wow! My ability to “relax” has reached its all-time high – or low…I don’t really know! I did absolutely nothing productive today at all!! Nothing.
I woke up at six am this morning. I was not impressed with myself at all! It didn’t really help that the three smaller cows were busy mooing right under my window either! I read some stupid-girl magazines in bed until 8am – it is against all of my rules to get out of bed before 8 O’clock!!
Yep…ate breakfast and spent a good ½ hour attempting to connect to the internet. I don’t really have any luck with that connection here! And then, I spent until noon attempting to burn CDs and when that didn’t work, transferring Elisa’s songs onto my computer with my clé USB (can not remember how to say that in English at the moment…). The only problem with those USB things is that mine is only big enough to hold 3 songs! I had 73 to be transferred!! Oh well…I didn’t really have all that much going on!
Celine and I ate sandwiches for lunch – it is weird to me how much I appreciate eating like we do at home. My body likes eating less at lunchtime too…some things are hard to change, I guess!!
I did not want to go running after my very long nap…so I went for a 2 hour walk along the small roads between the fields and the cows this afternoon. It was very pleasant! I really like how the birds appear out of nowhere in the fields when I walk by.
Uggg…packing was amusing as well! Everything STILL fits into my 2 bags, but they are way heavy! My plan is to pack everything into only those two until I get to the airport next week, and then I’ll put stuff into my duffle because I know I am overweight on both bags at the moment!
Speaking of the train…I am super excited because next Thursday I am taking the over night train from Toulouse to Paris ! How cool is that? I get to sleep on the train. I am very excited about that!!
Tomorrow is Paris – Toulouse on the train to see Sophie! I am quite excited about that as well!! Yeah! She’s got school/project/work until 6pm during the week, but we’ll have all weekend as well as the evenings, so that will be pretty cool. And they have to come to Canada next year, so I should be able to see her then!!! A contract is a contract!

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