June 20

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
I am getting a lot better at relaxing…practice, I guess!!!! And I actually did stuff today too, so it was a good combo!Elisa and I went to Rouen this morning. Since Celine isn’t working she was able to drive us there and pick us up this afternoon, which was great because I don’t really like paying for the bus! I can not get over how much time she spends running around! It is absolutely nutty – she is perpetually driving people everywhere…I feel bad that I am adding to her driving time, but she insist that it would be the same even if I wasn’t here!
I was in such a shopping mood today too!! I could have done some serious damage, but I restrained myself and managed to only buy one pair of pants! And pants really aren’t off limits…it is just dresses and skirts that mom said I shouldn’t really buy any more (I know, I have a lot of everything…)!! But these are linen pants and are very cool – and they are black, so they won’t even get dirty like typical linen clothes!! So smart, I am J.
There was this great pair of blue ballerina shoes with square toes that I was really tempted to buy, but they were at a national store, so when I am wandering around Toulouse, I can go look for them there and make a decision about them! I quite like ballerina shoes – they don’t hurt my feet or knees at all…so that is kinda nice!! Now the only problem is that all my pants will be too long!! (More shopping – just kidding…I don’t have money to do that!)
Elisa did quite a bit of damage…two skirts, one pair of pants, a pair of shoes…she even had to borrow money from me in order to pay!!
I also went and got my ID bracelet that I’d bought 2 weeks ago. I was a little disappointed at the beginning because it isn’t like Kendra’s – and that’s what I’d had in my head! But after I did my “analysis” of it I decided I like it! (I’d better like it, it cost enough!!) No, it is very cool. I am very glad that I got one this time!! Makes me happy!!
I had a nap when I got back to the house around three and after spending a couple hours going through Elisa’s music to make a French CD for myself (hard to do when she has more English music than French!) I finally decided to go for a run…I was really not motivated! But, actually, it ended up being a really good run! I did some nice hill intervals and all the cows got to watch me semi-die! Quite nice!!
And we had a cool dinner again tonight. It was a hot stone plate in the middle of the table where we cooked little pieces of meat. Kind of like fondue, but without the chicken broth part! It was very fun. I like making food like that at the table…a lot more interesting!
And now bed!!

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