June 19

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Today was a really great day!! I went to Honfleur with Elisa and two of her friends. I was a little scared about spending the day with 3 sixteen year olds, but it ended up being okay!! In fact, one of them has a slightly overprotective mother and I am the only reason she was allowed to come with us – so that was kinda cool!
We left the house around 10:00 this morning and Cleline drove the scenic route to the city, which was really nice because I got to see all the little villages and different houses and everything. I also got a nice picture of Le Pont de Normandie, which is the bridge that connects Le Havre and the other side of the fleuve (mainly Honfleur).
It is a really cute little town. Definitely a lot better than Le Havre, which is so close! Honfleur is known for all of its little fishing houses connected together as well as its old port that is basically inland because there is only one tiny way out! I really liked it, and it definitely helped that it was sunny and beautiful for the majority of the day as well.
All four of us kind of wandered around together until lunchtime. We visited the little shops and walked a bit by the water. The Eglise Ste-Catherine was interesting just because it was not at all like most churches here. It was destroyed during the One Hundred Year’s war and when it was later rebuilt it was done out of wood instead of stone in order to conserve the stone for fortifications instead. It was supposed to be only a temporary structure, but it is still there today. And, the roof is shaped like the hull of two overturned boats side by side. As well, the clock and bell tower aren’t part of the church itself, but rather are across the little square so as in case of a lightening strike the church didn’t burn down!
We walked by the Maisons Satie which are supposed to be quirky houses that are now the museum of a weird composer called Erik Satie. The houses weren’t anything that exciting (maybe I missed them, who knows!) and we didn’t go into the museum, but I saw what I was supposed to see there!
We ate sandwiches sitting along the walls of the Old Port and then I abandoned the girls so I could do some walking! On the map from the tourist office there were three walking routes laid out and I wanted to visit the cemetery. So I walked up to the cemetery and it wasn’t that great. Not nearly as cool as the one in Venice!! I then walked up one of the hills to visit le Manoir du Desert but was cut short of seeing the house because there was too much road work being done. Instead, I walked over to the other side of the town and up the other hill to visit the Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce. It was a nice little hike up a really twisty road where I got some nice views of the entire town. And the sense of satisfaction of making it to the top! (Especially when all the other tourists that were up there had arrived in their cars!)
The houses on top were absolutely stunning and huge. I call them mini-castles because they are pretty much just that. I continued walking along the top of the plateau until I actually made it to the Church. It was a cute little thing – the ceiling was all painted blue and there were different types of mini boats hanging from the roof!! The coolest part was this huge ensemble of bells that was outside of the church. It was an entire tower structure made of different sizes of bells that all were engraved and embossed with different sayings. It was pretty cool. And I had the chance to be there on the ½ hour, so I got to hear them ring a little bit.
I went down the hill to meet the girls at the boat that goes under the Pont de Normandie that we had planned to go on at 3:30, but because I saw the view from the top of the hill, I realized it was not worth it to go on the boat ride (especially after Venice…not really any comparison!). Instead we bought ice cream cones and ate them on the opposite side of the port from where we ate lunch.
There is an old fashioned carousal in the middle of down town so we decided to all go on that! Made me really happy!! And because we could buy four tickets it cost a lot less…which also made me happy!! Took lots of pictures while on the carousal too…
We still had time to kill before one of the girl’s dad’s came to pick us up after work so when it started to pour we went to the library! It was actually a pretty cool library because it was all glass. Everyone else sat upstairs and did whatever and I found a book downstairs and read for a bit until the library closed at six o’clock.
When we got home we had mini crepes for dinner. Like a raclette dinner, but with crepes instead! I had fun and definitely ate way too much…made me happy!!
And now I really need to get onto the computer to see if I have my train tickets for Toulouse for Friday so that I can let Sophie know when my train arrives there! Oh! And I looked I my France book for things to do in Toulouse for next week and there is so much stuff!! It’ll be a busy week, I have a feeling!! I am excited! They even have bike rentals for 2 Euros per day! How cool is that – You have to put a deposit from a French bank account, I think…so I’m hoping Sophie will help me out with that!!
Anyway, after I let my dinner digest a little bit, I am going to bed!

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