June 18

Monday, June 18, 2007
I think I now understand the difference between quality and quantity. I mean I got it before, but it pretty much hit home today…
I went to the “gym” with Celine and Elisa this morning. I don’t even know where to start. I knew it was in a little garden house in the backyard of some lady, but I asked Elisa if it was the same kind of thing that we’d had in Italy and she said yes, so I was excited to go. Ummmm….yah, not at all like Italy! There were tonnes of machines, that’s true. But none worked properly and they were slightly substandard – to put it kindly!! Yah, the “stairmaster” was one of those things you see on those shopping TV channels that you can slide under your bed where you basically move your heals up and down. There were about 5 bikes…none of which really actually worked. A couple weight machines that were made with cords – and unfortunately the cords were all so stretched that there was little weight to actually be moved!! My favourite part was the sitting down abs machine: You held onto the little handle things that were by your ears and bent over sideways and around…yep, pretty useful for those abs!!
The best part were the people that were there and their way of exercising! So, yah, I definitely did not get a work out, but I had fun…One lady spent practically the entire time with the massage machines (Ohhhh…I forgot that one…after you’ve done all your hard work you can step onto these machines, tie a belt with mini wheels on it around your leg or shoulder or whatever and get a massage…pretty classy!). Another spent about 2 seconds on each machine before moving onto her next activity. My favourite is the one that put out her cigarette just before walking into the place!! Oh! And another lady was there in high heeled sandals! It was quite entertaining. I actually had to control my laughter as I was attempting to use some completely useless machine that you tie your legs to or something!
If I had a busy schedule I would have been really frustrated with my waste of time…but considering I have lots of time to go ahead and waste, it was quite fine by me!!! I do hope that it doesn’t rain all afternoon though, so I can go for a run!! Mom definitely has an excellent gym in comparison to what was at that place today…that is where my quality over quantity thing comes in…I can actually get a decent work out in at home!!
Well…after lunch I had my nap and then went for a run. The run just about killed me, but besides that slight detail, it was good, I guess! Although I actually almost like running at the moment (most of the time), I am still looking forward to a good chlorine fix once I get home!
And then I pretty much hug out for the rest of the day…pretty sick, eh?! I had another little nap and watched Pretty Woman again – I really like that movie!!! And it isn’t even dinner time yet! Well…considering dinner time is at about 8:30, I still have another little while left to wait until my next “activity”! Uggg…I feel like that sentence belongs to people in a senior’s home!!! J
In any case, tomorrow we’re going to Honfleur so that will be a good thing! It was nice here all day today, so I hope tomorrow is nice as well because then I’ll actually be able to see the ocean with sun instead of rain!! I like that option.
You know that I have too much time to think when I start wishing school would start already…and when I start thinking about dentistry again …I could go for some nice levels of homework and stress at the moment! Not too much, just to get me thinking a little bit!! J

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