June 15

Friday, June 15, 2007
I just got off the phone with Mme Lenfant and I am really disappointed!! I was supposed to do the meeting tomorrow in Rouen, but she doesn’t need me, so I am not going! I like the meetings a lot…they make me feel useful and I like talking about Canada and seeing the kids and stuff. So I was already sad about that. And then she said that I don’t get to go to Quimper with her either! I really wanted to go to Bretagne because I’ve never been there and there is lots to see and blah! And the worst part is that I don’t know what to do here now for the next week before I leave to Toulouse to see Sophie! I’ve already exhausted all my visiting options that are do-able(does that work for that “word”??) in the area. I guess I could look into Vimy again…I’d have to stay over the night though…we’ll see I guess. I just hate doing nothing and I don’t like plans that change, either. I was all excited to go. I know that I can’t complain though – this has been an amazing trip…so really, 5 days of semi boredom won’t kill me! I’ll just have to be friends with the cows, I guess!! (It’d help if I wasn’t allergic to them though!! J)
Anyway….I woke up this morning at 11…a nice 5 hour nap. I know I’ll still have a great sleep this evening though, because 5 hours of sleep doesn’t really cut it for me!! And all day I have typed in here to catch up! That is really all I did! Read some e-mails. Replied to some e-mails. Typed up journal days. Downloaded tonnes and tonnes of pictures and attempted to go through some of them!! Pretty relaxed.
Tomorrow night I am going to Eva’s flute concert, so that will be cool…she is so cute…and I like concerts, so that’ll be exciting!!
And that is about it!!

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