June 13

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Today was such an amazing day!! We decided to spend the day visiting all of the little islands that surround Venice and it was such a good decision. We were tired of walking, so this required minimal walking, and it was really hot again, so being on the boat totally helped that situation!! It was very cool!!
We had our usual picnic breakfast on the bench looking at the gondolas go by…I’m sure the gondola guys will miss us tomorrow when we’re not there!! We then went and bought our boat-buss pass (I call it that because all the buses are boats…so it works quite well!!) for 13 Euros! It was such a good deal. We couldn’t believe that we got 12 hours of boat use for only 13 Euros…such entertainment and it was so cool and so much fun – yah, we pretty much really liked the boats!
They worked just like buses – because that is what they are!! The bus stops are little docks and, just like buses, they don’t stop for very long – people just hop on and off. So hard to get my mind around, but so very cool! Anyway…we went down the grand canal a bit before we headed out onto the main “road”. The roads are all marked with wooden pillars – and the speed limits and other driving signs are all posted! The main speed limit is 11km/hour!! I wish I could have found a sign that said that to take home! I got some nice pics of that though.
The first stop we got off at was the Cemetery! An entire island that is the cemetery. That is basically the coolest thing ever! I thought it was awesome. And the graves were pretty cool too!! We all know how obsessive I am with cemeteries – and on an island…yep, pretty much the best graveyard ever!
Our next stop was the island called Murano, where all the glass is made. We rushed off the boat to get our free visit to the glass blowing factory…it wasn’t that great of a tour (I still remember the one we visited when we were in Mexico all those years ago – I was in grade 5! That one was amazing!!), but it was still cool to visit. All the stores on the island were glass stores – for about 5 times the price that I’d seen things in Venice. I was happy that I’d already bought my necklace and that I paid so little for it!!
The best island was Burano. It was very colourful and very clean. There was every colour of house possible: turquoise blues, bright yellow, red, dark blue, purple, green, orange…it was awesome. I think that I took the most pictures in an hour here than I had at any other place. It was so picturesque and very quaint. We both really liked Burano.
We hopped back on the boat (These boats were so frequent and so easy to use, it was awesome. Like, not hard to use at all – I love it when things like this are easy!!) and headed off towards Punta Sabbioni. It was a really big island (We decided it must be connected to land somewhere…) with lots of cars! I am not used to seeing cars…totally ruins the idea of an island and of Venice if there are cars! We ended up staying a grand total of about 5 minutes. I found some sand (so that I can say I got sand from Venice!!) and got back on the same boat that we got off of…it stayed longer there than at the other islands.
Our last island visit (that we didn’t really even visit) was Lido. It was too big for our tastes so all we did was change boats so we could ride in the same boat through the entire Grand Canal and see all the sights from the boat. That was another really cool part of the trip because we’d seen all the sights from land and walking through the maze of streets to get there…but everything is so much closer by boat! It was cool to see St Marc square from the water – a bigger perspective on everything. And the temperature was much more reasonable on the boat as well, which was really nice!
We headed to the COOP for dinner again…and bought a baked chicken for 5 Euros!! When we were having our picnic at the tables by the pool when we got back to camp around 6:30 everyone was really jealous! It was awesome…and we had a basket of cherry tomatoes too! Made me happy!!!
And then it started to rain …so we played cards in the tent until bed!! Such a great day!!

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